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New: The Bohemian Chemist

An herbal apothecary & spa with an emphasis on locally sourced and sun grown cannabis. You will find our vintage Art Deco apothecary at The Madrones in the heart of Anderson Valley.

Skin Care Treatments available now.

Spa Menu

Relaxing Facial: $120 A soothing customized facial specific to your skin type. Gentle exfoliation, steam, and treatment mask along with light face, neck and shoulder massage. This facial is all about you... addressing your skin's needs

and leaving you feeling confident and beautiful.

Express Facial: $75 (CBD line addition $30) You don’t have time for a full an hour but want a quick cleansing and brightening. Designed for people in a hurry- A powerful express treatment that focuses on restoring hydration & radiance while removing impurities from the skin. Customized specific to your skin type, this treatment uses cleansing, steam, & treatment mask, followed by a selection of products that leave your skin radiance & glowing.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial: $120 Overtime, dirt, oil and toxins can build up within your pores, whic

h equals rough, blemished, or dull skin. Concentrating on the benefits of deep cleansing and exfoliation, this facial treatment will unclog pores and smooth texture, resulting in ultra clean, glowing skin. Full extraction work included. Ideal for teens or anyone experiencing acne or congested pores.

CBD Facial: $165 Introducing La Bhanga CBD skincare line. Meet the healing power of CBD. Our skin naturally has CBD receptors that target cellular rejuvenation and turnover. Our CBD facial treatment takes advantage of the amazing anti-oxidative, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits gifted to us by this non-psychoactive herb. Powerful ingredients that not only aid in slowing down aging, but also target inflammation, uneven skin tone and restore optimal hydration to your skin leaving your skin plump & glowing. Prepare to be blissed out!

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